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Learn from Rolling Stone Article

Posted in Jurnalisme by Wayan Agus Purnomo on April 20, 2015

Rolling Stone’s article about rape in campus realized us that how important to critical our anonymous resources. Even, they were reliable sources or closed friends. A Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely wrote an article, A Rape on Campus. This story told about gangbang rape befall a student was called Jackie, just Jackie, without her last name. Jackie told Erdely that she was raped by many students after the party in fraternity house called Phi Kappa Psi.

This article was amazing story, about faced rape brutally. Ederly believed in her and forgot to crosscheck to other sources that was mentioned by Jackie, people who was accused as a rapist. Immediately, Rolling Stone realized that this article infringes a standard procedure in journalism: verification. And then they asked Columbia Journalism School to investigating the making process of this article. Eventually, Rolling Stone acknowledge that this story was hoax, which was being recorded as new scandal in America’s history journalism. (more…)

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